Braingo Game

Braingo Game

Braingo is an interactive audio-visual educational game played in schools across the UK. It brings together the traditional game of Bingo mixed with maths and general knowledge questions through a quiz type format.


Kuzu.Software worked with an existing brand to produce a brand guidelines document that included further development of design concepts and creative brand assets that are used across multi-platforms. The brand needed to be inclusive yet informative so that it appealed to end users of the system (school children) and the managers of the back end system (teachers).


The actual game is a cloud-based interactive tool that can be used via any web browser connected to the internet. This required a comprehensive back-end administration portal where teachers can manage their school’s account, add users, buy additional game packs and create games of Braingo. The administration also included a reporting section so that teachers could see how pupils performed. This entire system is fully responsive so that teachers can easily plan games via their mobile phone or tablet device so that valuable lesson time isn’t wasted.


The guys at Kuzu have been great helping me bring this software product to market. I was unware of the technology available to me and Kuzu helped me understand what could be done. Now, Braingo is being market tested at over 100 schools in England with 2017 being the rollout year. It’s great to know I have these guys at my disposal to help with additional software functions if needed.”


Mark Walsh, Managing Director – Braingo Game