Journey Track

Journey Track

JourneyTrack is a HMRC compliant mileage capture tracking app and fuel card management software system. Built for varying fleet sizes across the UK, JourneyTrack, allows businesses and their employees to track business related journeys without the need of any additional tracking hardware or devices. 


Kuzu.Software has teamed up with UK based fuel card supplier, Fuelmate to produce this software where companies using fuel cards can integrate their fuel card data into the system to allow them to manage their fuel card usage more efficiently whether they’re running  a small, medium or large fleet.


The project consisted of developing a brand identity for JourneyTrack, its company website, a series of native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. This is in addition to the main cloud based management dashboard software accessed via any internet web browser.  All smartphone applications needed to be very easy and simple to use with a consideration for conserving battery life, system resource and processing power whilst also allowing the user to use their phone as required without any interruptions from the app. 


“Working in partnership with the team at Kuzu is an interesting and exciting time for us. Kuzu.Software's understanding of the software requirement for the project was grasped very early on in our discussions and we have been more than pleased with how they have tacked complicated issues as part of the development process”.


Josh Beeton - JourneyTrack Sales Manager