Mis Sold 2u

Mis Sold 2u

Missold 2u is one of the UK’s leading financial claims companies who hold the industry to account when it comes to the mis-selling of financial services, such as PPI, package bank accounts, payday loans and overseas mortgages. The company approached Kuzu Software to design, develop and build an internal business management system (BMS) that could help make the communications, process management and work flow functions within the business much easier.


Through a series of creative and technical workshops with the senior management team, Kuzu.Software extracted the software brief by fully defining what the BMS needed to do within the business, which internal and external stakeholders were needed to feed into this process and how end user customers interacted with the product. An audit on the best types of technologies to use were also considered as the development needed to be flexible and easily updateable overtime.


The cloud-based software solution was rolled out across the business and integrated across all key departments making it an essential part of the daily operation.


“It was great working with the team at Kuzu.Software as their understanding of what the project entailed was clear from the start. They showed flexibility by managing to work within our constraints at the time which was really helpful. They also offered some great ideas for future development of the system which we have considered and adopted.


Sophie Walshe - Head of Marketing, Peoples Holdings