SentrySIS is the UK’s most innovate crime reporting and monitoring software that helps businesses, crime partnerships and police constabularies reduce low level crime. The cloud-based software (that can be used on any internet enabled device) displays criminal activity and behaviour information in real time. This allows SentrySIS users to share information and be made aware of crime through incidents, notifications and reporting features.


The SaaS product makes reporting crime directly to the police much easier and quicker where images, CCTV video, MG11 Witness Statements and subject of interest information can be securely uploaded as part of an incident to create a digital evidence pack for the Police and Crown Prosecution Service.


In 2016, SentrySIS was accredited with the ISO27001 certification standard that is a global recognition of how data and digital information is handled, processing and managed within a business.


“The SentrySIS product is a really interesting system for us to work on because the software makes communities safer places to live, work and socialise. The software developers at Kuzu have worked closely with the developers at SentrySIS to produce a secure software solution that is now an essential tool within the crime reduction business environment.”


Chris Nriapia – Director, SentrySIS