Business Applications

To gain a competitive advantage in your market place, businesses are leaning towards bespoke software solutions to achieve this goal. This incorporates applications that are installed and used by multi departments so that its fully integrated across the entire business.


The vast experience Kuzu.Software has in building applications and complete enterprise solutions means that we can help guide your business through any technology project no matter size or complexity. By gaining an understanding of your business need helps us eliminate project blockages to simplify your processes and reduce the time and money you spend on processes technology can do for you.


  • Customer & Supplier login portals
  • CRM integration
  • Secure ‘in-eco-system’ messaging
  • Automated reporting & billing
  • Customer user journeys
  • End-to-end marketing
  • Client data mining & analysis

Website Design & Build

Whether it’s a refresh of your current website or your organisation requires a new one from scratch, website design & build is at the core of the services we provide. All of our websites use the latest technologies with the end user in mind. Our websites are quick to load, with all graphics and content tailored for the audience you are trying to attract. With Google being the main focus of all things online, we make sure that search engine performance is at the centre of the site infrastructure.


With the use of smartphones and tablets leading the way for internet usage, the need for websites to be responsive is an absolute must. Responsive websites mean that the user has the optimal viewing experience across all devices from smartphones through to desktop computers. 


As part of the design stage of any website project, we spend essential planning time on user experience, usability and the target audience the website has aimed at and why. This will include user journey, navigation, content and crucial calls to action.


It’s quite common for websites to use addition software integration such as payment gateways and e-commerce facilities so that users can buy goods online. In addition to this, a wide variety of extra functions can be applied to fulfil any business requirement.

Mobile Applications

In today’s modern world, successful businesses are using mobile apps to help achieve business & marketing objectives. These can be developed in a number of different ways to meet requirements and budgets.  Kuzu.Software develop apps for Apple iPhone, Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices. All our code is custom code. This means that it’s not being used by anyone else nor is it open source. The advantage of this is that any mobile app we develop will be fast, secure and robust.


Developing mobile applications can be a complicated area of development, depending on what the app is required to do. By understanding this from the start, allows us to ensure what we specify and build exactly what you need and nothing more. This reduces the risk of unnecessary wastage through efficient management and agile development methods. Some mobile applications however require extensive ‘back end’ management for them to work and be controlled by the administrator. Budgets for simple web connected mobile apps that need limited or no back end development should start in the region of £5-8,000 per platform.

Dashboard Development

All businesses have a need to handle vast amounts of data. This could be month or weekly sales, forecasts, stocklists, processes, actions or tasks. The ability to view this data in real-time gives businesses insight and the information required to make crucial business decisions, quicker and more efficiently based on analytics. Kuzu.Software, can help businesses like yours make the most of their data by interrogating and displaying it in a friendly and aesthetically pleasing format.


By investigating your requirements we can create the right visualisations to display summary data intelligently. This allows the system user to see trends, identify patterns and make connections otherwise impossible to recognise by examining spreadsheets, unfriendly datasets or handwritten notes.


  • Staff, Customer & Supplier login portals
  • UX Dashboards
  • Sales & Financial Analysis & Forecasts
  • Heat Maps
  • Integration to other software system
  • Technology Monitoring

Cloud Software Hosting

Software systems, business applications and most mobile applications all rely on back end systems that serve data and provide administration and management functions. Software developed at Kuzu.Software are hosted to the cloud in our highly specified secure servers located in the UK at data centres in London & Manchester.


Using advanced load balancing on our network makes web pages, software and all the required processes to function quickly and securely. We are fully ISO27001 compliance which demonstrates our commitment to making sure we handle all data safely and securely.

Account Management

Kuzu.Software’s dedicated account management team work closely with all our clients to deliver a business case based on the development we feel will meet your technology objectives. As part of the this processes we spend extensive time in understanding the problems facing the businesses and how to resolve them. When we fully understand your business and its processes, we can develop software systems that help assit in reaching business and marketing objectives.

Software Modernisation

We understand that some businesses run legacy or aging software that run critical business applications across multiple areas of an organisation. Typically these systems are constrained by being an installed application only available in an office or one location.


Kuzu.Software can help businesses modernise this function by taking the core business logic in an existing software systems and transform this into a modern day secure cloud-based application through and agile methodology. All the features and benefits in the old platform can still be maintained, but extra features can easily be added in such as mobile accessibility through the cloud and real-time data backup. This can be achieved seamlessly over a period of time that suits the business needs and doesn’t disrupt the day to day operation.


Software migration with Kuzu.Software is a safe, secure way to ensure critical business applications remain running and maintained. We pride ourselves in knowing that we can work with any software application and bring it into the twenty first century.